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About the Registrar FAQs

What Does the Registrar Of Voters' Office Do When There aren't Elections Scheduled?

In addition to election-related activities, the Registrar of Voters’ office is constantly busy updating voter registrations; verifying petition signatures; assessing Vote Centers; updating district maps; processing campaign disclosure finance statements; making improvements for future elections; and much more.


Is the Registrar Of Voters' Office Affiliated With a Political Party?

No. The Registrar of Voters’ office is a neutral, nonpartisan body. Our mission statement is:

"To provide election services for the citizens of Orange County to ensure equal access to the election process, protect the integrity of votes, and maintain a transparent, accurate and fair process."

- Orange County Registrar of Voters


What is the Registrar Of Voters' Mission Statement?

Our mission statement describes the core functions of our office.


Does the Registrar Of Voters Have an Organizational Chart?

Our basic organization chart describes the divisions that make up the Registrar of Voters' organization.


Where can I learn more about the Registrar of Voters' office?

We provide a detailed section on our website that describes our office and what we do.